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Resident Guidelines

Crestview is a private and controlled community that strives to maintain a certain look of a quality manufactured community, while giving our residents latitude to live.  Residents own their homes and rent a lot from us with our lot rent including water, sewer and garbage facility.

A few highlights of our Guidelines booklet that is presented and briefed to every new head of household, are listed below, and will give prospective entrants an idea of what living here is like and what is expected.  Homes entering must follow our Utility Hookup Agreement, as well as, the requirements of the State of Ohio that fall under the current inspection laws of the Ohio Revised Code.

  • All prospective residents must complete our application process and be approved prior to occupying any home here.   Our application includes (but is not limited to) income information, local credit references, character references that are not relatives, and Criminal Background Checks.

  • Illegal Narcotic activity, domestic and civil disturbances, and drunk and disorderliness is not tolerated at Crestview.

  • Generally, we will consider incoming homes that are six years old or newer and are single family units.

  • Sub-leasing or third party rentals are not allowed.

  • Vinyl underpinning is to be installed within 30 days of the homes arrival unless an arrangement is made with the Manager.

  • Residents keep their lots neat and tidy, and store equipment and toys out of sight from the street.

  • Maintaining a weedless and trimmed underpinning is the homeowners’ responsibility.

  • Crestview keeps a tidy appearance by not allowing outside trash cans, or unkempt porches or patios, tv antennas, front placed satellites, nor parking in the grass anywhere.

  • The Park observes a quiet time from 10:00 PM – 8:00 AM daily.

  • Our property speed limit is posted through-out the Park as 15 MPH, with three wheelers and four wheelers being strictly prohibited and motorcycles riding to the residence and back out only.

  • Residents have personal pets, such as, a dog or cat, but they must be an indoor pet and yards are to be cleaned regularly.

  • Dogs must be leashed and in the owners control when the pet is outside.  Ohio Revised Code prohibits dogs from running free in any manufactured community.

  • We have a paid Pool Program that the residents helped to design, and they pay a nominal yearly fee for Pool privileges that cover their households but restrict off-property locals from utilizing and overcrowding our pool.

  • These items are a condensed list of our Resident Guidelines Book, but will give a strong indication of the type of typically middle class community that is Crestview. 

  • Homes are advertised for sale here by the resident putting a sign in their street end window and some give us a flyer to post on our office window.  Visitors drive thru regularly, looking for the sale signs and make contact with the homeowners themselves.

We invite you to tour Crestview and see what a good community it really is!

The Manager has sponsored community related events in the past, such as, a Spring Beautification Contest, Christmas Lighting Contest, community picnics, Crestview Kids End of Season Pool Parties, along with a couple other events over the years.  These are done at the Manager’s discretion, and are publicized in the Crestview Chronicle for the residents.

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